1 May 2012 : Jo Barber claims the medical regulator has allowed dodgy doctors to work in Queensland's state hospital system, leading to patient harm.

The Queensland Parliamentary Crime and Misconduct Committee (PCMC) decided to refer the matter to the Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC).

Ms Barber has already said she didn’t trust the CMC because it had previously been involved in some of the claims but did not act.

Today the CMC said it had engaged retired Queensland judge Richard Chesterman to look into the claims to see if they warranted an investigation.

CMC chairman Ross Martin said the matter was not yet at the stage of formal investigation and was simply an assessment.

Mr Martin said he met with Ms Barber yesterday.

"I understand that whistleblowers can sometimes be mistrustful," he said in a statement today.


Robina Cosser says -

Yes, Mr Martin, we whistleblowers have learned to be mistrustful.

We have learned that, in Queensland, CMC / Public Service investigations (or 'reviews' or whatever other name they use for their process), the people you have complained about get to choose the judge.

And the Judge may be an 'old mate' of the person / group of people supposedly being investigated.

And the people you have complained about also get to choose the documents that will be considered - sometimes mid-way through the investigation.

Even if the investigator knows that there are documents that are supportive of your case, he or she can be instructed not to consider those documents.

And falsified documents can be secretly produced and placed on the file.

And their contents accepted as facts.

So - Yes, Mr Martin, we whistleblowers have learned to be mistrustful.


"My concern was that when I spoke to the chair ... about the process they would use to do that, he was unwilling or unable to tell me what that process was," Ms Barber said.


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