Whistleblowing Women

Australian women who blow the whistle on corruption in their workplaces.

Karen Smith's website for Aged Care Workers -
Robina Cosser's website for Queensland Teachers -
Deborah Locke's website for New South Wales Police Detectives -
Bad Health Queensland

Bad Health Queensland is a new website that has been established to support Queensland Health employees :


Queensland Nurse protests about her working conditions.

A Queensland nurse needed to wear a special sort of footwear.

Her supervisor said the special shoes were not suitable.

The nurse felt forced to resign.

She protested that this was discrimination.

She has set up a website to explain the progress of her complaint clearly :


Other nurses may pick up some tips from her experience.

Brian Martin's review of 'Deadly Healthcare'

Brian Martin of Whistleblowers Australia :  


has reviewed the book Deadly Healthcare, which takes a broad view of the Jayant Patel situation : 


Petition and resources for medical professionals.

Below is a link to a petition.

The information supporting the petition provides a link to a huge resource for medical professionals, including a really good video about the problem of vexacious allegations.



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